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Mueller Corporation is a coatings application service provider specializing in vacuum metalizing and liquid spray coatings.

  • Registrations include; ISO 9001, TS 16949, AS 9100, and ITAR.
  • Services include; vacuum metalizing both sputtering and thermal evaporation, conductive painting, and liquid spray painting.
  • In house tooling capabilities utilizing the services of our sister company

Applications the technologies serve include the following

  • EMI and RFI shielding; utilizing thermally evaporation, multi-layer sputtering such as Cu/SS, and conductive painting.
  • ESD protection and heat shielding both vacuum metalized and painted.
  • Vacuum metalized light reflective coatings for LED and conventional lighting.
  • Radar and Satellite reflector coatings utilizing thermal evaporation vacuum metalized, sputtered, and conductive painted.
  • Decorative Finishes for cosmetic closures, sporting goods, general consumer goods, and automotive chrome replacement.
  • Cerakote ceramic spray on coatings to protect against; abrasion, corrosion, heat, and chemicals
  • Industries served include; Automotive, medical, department of defense, aerospace, electronic communication equipment, renewable energy, consumer goods, cosmetic packaging, and more.



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November 4, 2016