Elektron Technology website

Part of the Elektron Technology group, Bulgin is the flagship brand for IP rated harsh environment product including power and data connectors, EMI filters, mains, indicator / panel LED’s, Vandal Resistant Switches, Battery holders  and value add capability including box build.  Bulgin includes the Arcolectric switch line, a complete Rocker, toggle, Snap, Push-button line.




Kycon website

Primarily known for board level i/o , Kycon produces high quality legacy products including D-SUB connectors that find their way onto many long term projects utilized in Medical and Industrial applications, where long life reliability is a must.   Kycon excels at engineered solutions where changes in performance and function can be easily adopted within manufacturing for standard components.  Widely known for USB and DC power solutions Core competency groups include:


USB including 3.0, 3.1 (TYPE C)  High Temp and IP Rated  versions

Audio Jacks

Mod Jacks

DC Power

EIS Wire & Cable

EIS Wire & Cable

EIS Wire & Cable website

Engineering expertise and manufacturing excellence in wire and cable since 1910.

  • Hook up wire
  • Computer/data cable
  • Audio and broadcast cable
  • Security, control and alarm cable
  • IMSA cable
  • Power limited tray cable
  • Air plenum cable (custom engineering)


Cambion website

Wearnes Cambion are long established manufacturers of high performance electro-mechanical and inductive components serving professional, military, aerospace and commercial markets. (ISo 9001)

  • Miniature sockets
  • Connector pins
  • Solder terminals
  • Spacers
  • RF products
  • Inductors


Aries Electronics

Aries Electronics

Aries Electronics Website

Leading manufacturer of a broad range of interconnect products and Correct-A-Chip® technology.

Aries Has Mastered These Manufacturing Processes:

  • Custom High-Frequency (RF) Socket Design (-1dB Bandwidth at >60GHz)
  • Patented Limited-Depth Pin Assembly (Correct-A-Chip Adaptors)
  • Surface-mounting of Electronic Components onto adaptors
  • Molding Engineered Plastics with Extremely Tight Tolerances (for devices on <0.2mm pitch)
  • Bending Pins (Vertisocket™Line) LED/LCD applications
  • Installation of Pins into Plastic
  • Crimping Connectors on Flat Cable
  • Flat Cable Wire Stripping and Separation